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6 Darwin Bars to Checkout on your next visit

Despite it's distance from other Australian capital cities, Darwin is a vibrant multi-cultural destination with so much more to offer than just being the gateway to Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, Katherine Gorge, the Tiwi Islands & Arnhem Land. Having a tropical Savannah climate means Darwin has a distinct wet and dry season, and boasts a year round average temperature in the mid [...]

5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent in Your Life

By Mindful Travel Solutions (03/07/2020) Pssssst! Let me tell you a secret: We know you CAN book your travel, by yourself online. Phew! What a relief right. I mean imagine a whole industry of travel agents unaware that the internet exists. Here’s the thing though: Why would you? There are millions of websites, booking pages, airlines, third party sites, review sites, blogs… the list [...]

Top 5 Australian Eco Stays To Add To Your Bucket-list!

By Mindful Travel Solutions (01/07/2020) Australia truly is an eco lovers dream! With diverse landscapes, beaches, rainforests, bushland, mountains, deserts, and so much more, it is not hard to find your very own pocket of paradise. With so many incredible eco properties right on our very own doorstep, you will want to try them all, trust me I do. We have compiled a list [...]

How you book travel post COVID-19 is more important that ever!

By travellingpeople 24/06/2020 It is no secret that the global economy has suffered from Covid-19 and Australia is entering its first recession in about 30 years. The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries have been some of the hardest hit. We are fortunate! I don’t intend to make this blog political, regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, many of us [...]

10 Things you may not have known that I can book as a Travel Agent

By Travel Latte (01/06/2020) With domestic travel opening up across our fabulous country, most people think of a Travel Agent for their big European holiday or complex itineraries, however, did you know that I can also book these 10 things domestically and more! And at NO extra cost to you! 1.  Holiday Homes like the Coast Sorrento in Sorrento, Victoria [...]

What does travel look like post COVID-19?

By travellingpeople 14/05/2020 By every measure, the coronavirus pandemic has decimated the travel industry. The images of a world shut down are surreal. With planes parked in desert airports in the middle of Alice Springs to streets of cities usually alive and busy being dead quiet something must give. It is time to dust ourselves off and get back to it as regions and countries will [...]

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