Growing up in the countryside of beautiful southeastern Michigan, Rusty Frentner was surrounded by lot’s of wildlife and wild untamed nature. He would take long, solitary rides on his horse through the woods happily enjoying and observing this natural world. He was so inspired that whenever anyone would ask him what he wanted for a gift – his answer was always art supplies.

Fortunately he had wonderful parents who encouraged him to develop his artistic talents and when he became an adult he turned all his interests toward art. He pursued the career of a technical illustrator but at the same time he never forgot his love of wildlife. In order to excel at his paintings of wildlife he sought out workshops that were offered by well-known wildlife artists. Some of these mentors were Lee Cable and Kalon Baughan. Nothing worthwhile comes easy so after many years of hard work, he is now receiving the well deserved national attention with his wildlife art, prints and posters.

Rusty still lives in beautiful Michigan on five acres of wilderness about an hour from Detroit. He considers himself to be very blessed by all the wildlife around him. He has never stopped learning and trying new techniques with his artwork either. Although he works mostly in acrylics now and loves the discipline of painting detailed art, he has also been experimenting with graphite pencil drawings. He is definitely a very talented artist to watch and enjoy.

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